Free-up Your Time to Focus on Growth

Enrich Your Business

By Savings Costs and Providing Support

Business Growth

Microsoft Office 365 Administration

for  Micro and Small Business

Private Collaborative platform

A private platform enabling you to connect with others in a secure, safe manner

Managed Security

Your Data, Information and Security of Services Managed for you

Managed Compliance

GDPR, and Various Other essential compliances managed for you

Digital Transformation Improves Business Productivity 

with  Help from Online Business Team

Companies where we manage the Admin 

  • OBT 365
  • OBT Synergy
  • Conflux Consultants
  • Success Mentoring
  • Effective CNC Solutions
  • Whitchurch Gossip
  • Drayton Gossip
  • Authentic Purpose
  • Collaborative Platform

    A way that you can network with other people.

    With assurance that your information will be safe.

    Centrally managed security

    This will provide you with fully managed security of your Back Office Work, including all appropriate updates

    Centrally managed Compliance

     It  is important that You stay within appropriate compliances, whether GDPR, Quality, H&S

    Clive H - CEO of Confkflux Consultants

    The concept of managing mutiple companies within a single Administrative organisation is brilliant and save so much time.

    David N- CEO of Succes Mentoring

    Outsourcing these services ensures my company is safe and compliant This enables me to focus on my customers requirements.

    Gary P - CEO of Effective CNC Solutions

    We needed to upgrade our business processes and we now have a secure digital environment for our team.

    Stop wasting time struggling with technology

    We have got the map to get you through the digital minefield

    and show you how Digital Transformation Improves Business Productivity

    In Summary

    Providing you with a facility to manage your data and communications on a secure platform, with full compliance. 

    With the added advantage of providing a private secure, easy to use collaborative environment to communicate with your business contacts.

    Your Peace of Mind is Key to us.